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1101 Rue Pilimpikou
01 BP 4586 Ouagadougou 01
Burkina Faso
Tel: +22650456093
Fax: +22650346275
Cel: +22676464369
N°RCCM BF OUA 2005 A 262
IFU N° 00013962E
Compte Coris Bank Ouaga N° 0214142410146
Legal information
Who we are
INGÉNY (Informatique Générale Yaméogo) is a company based in Ouagadougou and offering modern and innovative software solutions.
Our offer
From software development to webmarketing through webdesign and webhosting, we make our know-how available to you
Customer care
We offer our customers the possibility to download some utilities, as well as an administration tool for hosted domains, that allows you to configure the services that are included in your hosting package.
Join us
Are you a nerd, a geek, a freak? Are you creative and full of ideas? Are you a non-mainstream thinker? Then you would make a good ingényeur. Contact us at the adress
15/03/09The INGÉNY website goes live
You can contact us through an online contact form, by e-mail, postway, phone or telefax or you can just come by. We also give you our legal, tax and bank references.

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